fishing and surf report


This is a fishing and surfing report this weekend for those eager to spend time on the water.
At Jumpinpin, Broadwater, and all surf beaches, there is a large number from Gold Coast to LOGANTailor.
There are already a lot of helicopters customized to 1.
The estuary is 5 kg kilometers, especially when running.
In the tides of day or dusk.
Anglers within Seaway and Pin Bar line of sight reported the most consistent catch.
Tailors also appeared in deep holes in the estuary system.
Although the South Port pumping terminal is crowded, it is consistent for helicopters at dusk.
A better surf beach.
Good quality dollars, a lot of fish average 2 kg to 3 kg.
The northern part of the new state is heading for a peak season for fish, with 5 kg of fish regularly reported from Iruka to cabalita.
Bream dominates catches across the South Bay, Jumpinpin and Broadwater, although Logan people are still suffering from past local flooding and fish production is low
The Brook river.
Most of the activities are within sight of the bar entrance, including Kalinga Bank to the Pin bar and the South Harbor Seaway and north wall of langxiu Island.
The full moon this weekend brings some pretty big evening runs
In the tides, this should be ideal for targeting the bre fish.
If the water is dirty, the bait on it is already alive, followed by the internal organs of black fish or poultry on the shoal.
If you find that you are plagued by undersized pickers, try using meat baits like bon fish, mul fish, or tailor as it will stay on the hook for longer periods of time.
Last weekend\'s Pin King was won by Luke Patterson for 1 pound bream. 865kg cleaned.
As the water temperature drops, Luderick catches are increasing, although better catches come from the farther south of the waters of tweed and the southern Gold Coast.
Dave \"gold\" Donnie www. nuggetfishing. com. au.
All the latest fishing info please listen to 1116am Talk radio 4BC from five o\'clock A. M-
Weekend seven o\'clock A. M.
After so much bad weather and rain we have experienced recently, this weekend should be the most productive for those who want to wet a line in the water.
The weather looks great for a long weekend, whether you\'re going out or staying in the relatively sheltered Moreton Bay.
With the arrival of the cold wave, there are reports that there are some quality apper fish in the Gulf, some of which are better than 9 kg of the fish.
Fresh bait and a lighter ball sink will give you a great chance to lock in one of the trophy fish.
Work around the tides as much as possible, especially near the transport channel, to maximize bite time and to allow the use of lighter methods.
Get to your chosen location as early as possible to avoid the crowds on the water.
The offshore conditions should be great and there should be some excellent coral fish starting to appear on the shoal east of the Molton point.
For those who want to invest in the dark for a long time, the apper fish, the pointed Emperor, the Jews, the Pearl bass and the strange army fish are all on the cards.
Bait for fresh and living, such as yakkas, sticky mackerel fish, Yellow Tail dog fish and squid will be the best bait option, or for those who do not want to catch their own bait
Jason Island, jcbayfishing @ hotmail.
ComSUNSHINE coast has had flat heads and good bre fish around the Noosa estuary until Munna beach.
The best bait is the mul fish.
Trevally and strange Mangrove Jack are being taken from Woods Bay with live bait and hard body bait.
In the upper reaches, mud crabs are being eaten.
On the Sunshine reef, there are already sn fish, sweet fish and parrots, which are complete Pili and fresh black fish.
North Reef has always been the best fishing spot for apper fish, cilantro, bass and cod.
At the Maroochy estuary to the Picnic Point, cod and bre fish were taken away in the rush of bloodworm manufacturing.
Flat-headed animals appear around the island of Chambers, especially from low tide to about half-tide.
Several am fish and estuary cod were removed from the cod hole on the meat bait.
There are mud crabs in the deep hole upstream.
Around mooolaba, darts and cod have been biting at a low level.
There is a tidal ditch between Channel 1 and 3, especially on the live sand worm on the beach of cabana.
Tarwhine, bream and strange tailors were caught between 16 and 22.
The gar fish is being caught from the catleite Bay, especially at the top of the high tide.
In the evening, there are already treetops on the floating bridge on the Kawana boat ramp.
At the Kurum reef, there are 4 kg sn fish, and the grass sweet lips, cod and Junyu are biting the whole bait.
Inside Gneerings has been producing grass sweet lips, Pearl bass and apper fish.
The best one I have ever seen is 9 times. 8kg.
The number of Mur reef and outer gne fish has reached 4.
9 kg, the Emperor with flowers, grass sweet lips and yellow tail goldfish taken on the floating bait.
At Currimundi Reef, the small apper fish has reached 3 kg.
There are grass sweet and long tail tuna on the floating bait.
Bream has been active in the Caloundra bar area and near the Blue Hole.
There are flat heads and strange bre fish in the blue hole, and there is weed bank opposite Caloundra power boat club.
From low tide to about half a tide on blood worms, cod was taken away from the Golden Beach.
There are several mud crabs in the Channel.
At 9 and 12 miles of Caloundra, apper fish, Pearl bass, sweet lips, military fish and long tail tuna have been caught on floating hairy chard bait.
The Caloundra, snapper fish, Pearl bass, Parrot and Juncao fish are all drifting 5 kg away.
Barry mcdard, offshore fishing service on Sunshine Coast, fishing guide, www. scofs. com. au (07)5437 7754.
The weather forecast for this weekend looks great with a breeze and good tides.
There are apper fish around the sink on Wathumba, Rooneys and plastic and bait.
But these larger tides, high and low, will be the best.
Cod is well caught on fresh bait.
Try using red Berkley Gulp worms in winter as they work well and are much easier than pumping yabbies.
Tailors have begun to show smaller helicopters around the kingfisher and Ungowa ledge.
Floating bacterial hair or small chrome spoon works best.
They were easily caught in plastic, but it was-fish-per-plastic option.
Mark Bargenquast, fishing guide, 0427 230 261, www.
Fraserguidedfishing. com.
AuCENTRAL coast\'s weekend forecast for boating on the sea and on the water looks great, with a breeze of 5/10 on Saturday and a change of 5/10 on Sunday. These long-
For any anglers who have already taken part in one of Queensland\'s biggest fishing competitions, the long awaited glass conditions are perfect, and Boyne tanum Hookup has received more than 3000 entries.
Anglers can also take the opportunity to spend the night on coral reefs or spend a few days at their favorite fishing spot.
The coastal coral reefs within Keppel and Rodds Bay have seen a good combination of various species from coral fish to dog fish, although the outer Keppel islands, Capricorn and sandpit reefs are ripe to choose most reef species, including all the typical red fish, big grass carp, tus fish, cod, Spanish mackerel fish and Army fish, and even the early squi fish.
Enter deeper passages around the nearby islands from the shallow Bomi area, where there are broken coral reefs and ferns, which will provide a wide variety of species.
With the full moon on Monday and the barometer quite high and stable, the bite should be red
It\'s hot but you still need where the fish is.
Try rotating the Halco laser Pro 190 around the coral drops
Food for Spanish mackerel fish and coral trout.
A variety of coastal shipwrecks produce red Jews, trees, garbage, tropical snapshots and catches on the upper floorswater-Post pelagics.
Hekou cod, black Jews, grass-covered sweet lips and premium am fish have been kept in deep rocky passages around the port Gladstone islands and the promontory.
After the shower last week, some considerable rubbish, thread fish and strange nodger fish, flat-headed fish, fingerprints, Mangrove Jack and barramundi were also found in the estuary.
More prominent waterways, such as the Corrio Bay, the corroomani River, the tributary of the port of Alma, the Narrows Roy River, the kaliopu River and the BOI River, are all great places to find them
There are several blue salmon, flatheads and am fish on the Ocean Beach.
Beach worms, Little herring, shrimp and yabbies are all good-round baits.
As we get cooler, and as the big monster barra gets a little sleepy due to a drop in water temperature, the barra reservoir will soon step back to the second line.
Located in the south-west of inverler, the rod Griggs frieswater Copton dam is my favorite place to target the monster Murray cod and the yellow belly on the bait.
This is a magical 100 pound Cod place (45kg)
Mark is not impossible.
As it begins to cool these deep sea monsters, it will now begin to move towards shallow shore and boulders looking for warmer water and easy food.
You will need a few days of continuous warm weather to stimulate them as they are a very lazy fish and you will be fishing on some tough days if the conditions do not fit.
Projecting the bait to the edge is the preferred way to aim at these fish.
Look for banks that have a lot to offer, like boulders and some wood. Big timber lay-
Downs is better again.
No matter what bait you throw, slowly get it back and put it on their faces as long as possible, because they don\'t want to go too fast or too far in order to feed.
Some of the ideal bait is a musket, a large and hard body, and a rattlesnake.
The spray head is my favorite, because the same bait is ideal for the yellow belly, and you will catch the big cod.
The water is clear so keep it dark-purple, black and olive green.
The busman carousel in the cordeman series is ready to enter directly from the package.
In a hard body, you can\'t beat mudeyes\'s various big cod bait, and Popeye is the most popular of many cod anglers.
Surprisingly, rattlesnakes like 60mm and 70mm jack fish capture the large share of cod they deserve, and they are also fatal to the yellow bellies.
Hooks must be upgraded on these smaller lures.
Don\'t forget that you need a water storage permit for your new state reserve to fish.
Carl Jocumsen, fishing, xtremeangler @ yahoo.
ComOFFSHOREAs we fell into a pattern of sea breeze and as we headed towards the full moon on Monday the rain gradually dispersed and the scene was for some excellent night fishing with the Emperor and the Jews at close range
In the coral reef near the lookout and Cape Moreton
Due to a large fishing competition outside Redland Bay, considerable traffic is expected to be expected on the weekend offshore reefs, and early morning and late afternoon meetings will be an important fishing time for a day trip.
The impact of fresh runoff from previous rains has weakened
In the usual shallow location, the size of the bait school is obvious again.
This week, the water flow on offshore coral reefs was again mild, making locations such as the 35 fathom Reef and the southern tip of the deep sea storm a very attractive option for sn fish floating lining. Good school-
In these areas, in the long slow drift in the range of 5 to 7 inch, the band bait and soft plastic are very effective.
Large pearl bass is a reward for floating when the rig is allowed to sit near the bottom.
On deeper coral reefs on live bait and deep water clamps, the military fish continues to run to 18 kg.
Bill Coten, Coast bar transit and sea fishing instructor 3286 3647 McKay to the Holy Spirit, as the weather looks good over the long weekend, take the time to leave, spend a camping and fishing weekend with your family and friends.
If you like coral trout and red throat emperor, it will be a good time to target them.
In addition, there are parrot fish, cod, grass sweet fish, Queen fish, gray mackerel fish, Spanish mackerel fish and giant tre fish.
The best places to wet a line include Gloucester and saddle back, Hook, Delan and Edwards Islands, hideout Bay, Dingo Beach and hook, line, black, square and
As a bait, you can taste the fresh dead bait on the reef, including bacterial hair, green fish, squid, mul fish and shrimp.
Live bait guns, green fish and Black will add all the target species.
Controlling ribbon fish, garfish, mul fish or large artificial bait around coral reef edges and coral dummies will have a good effect on mackerel fish and coral trout.
Casting oversized Poppers and sticky bait around the reef will produce the GTs you want.
For a slide, overhead or swivel rod loaded with single or woven lines in the line class 8 kg to 15 kg, this work will be done.
For reef residents, it is recommended to use a good old hand line of 24 kg to 37 kg.
The best time to try your luck is when the tide changes.
Ken Crittenden of Whitsunday Tackle Shack, 4948 1899 towns, the weekend forecast is great and many people are expected to pack up their boats and head to the reef.
All the reports from those who went out were that there were a lot of good mackerel fish on the hot spot, and the coral reefs were fishing for trout, red throat, sweet lips and pointed emperors.
On the deeper shoals, the Red Emperor was attending school at night, taking away Hussain\'s live bait and big meat bait. Big-and small-
Around the Rib Reef, sea urchins shoal, and load rocks, there is also a reasonable amount of the mouth tooth Nani cover.
The usual winter species are delicious off the coast.
Recently, the running of the big cod has been a topic on most lips, with more than 30 cm of fish caught, about 40 cm.
Most rivers and streams are fishing.
Any good shaping with a little bit of shale, the most important thing is the yabbie bed, there will be some fish.
They bit the tide twice in the run.
Better output figures
Use a light monofilament line on a soft rod with a small ball sink, about 50 cm marks and length-
Cod hook with handle.
The best bait is live fish, followed by peeled shrimp or sashimi.
Some flat heads can also be seen in the apartment.
Upstream of obstacles and declines
In the early morning run, the data for off, pikey and silver bream are still good --
The low tide looks like an ideal choice for anchoring and fish with peeled shrimp or wooden mul slices.
On the North Beach, Blue salmon are eating live bait for green fish and mul fish, which have been fishing.
The number of crabs has been declining.
But the people caught are very nice and full.
There are a lot of undersized around, so be sure to put them back in the water.
The entrance keeps a lot of 50 cm marks all the time, these are very interesting on the light rotating gear.
Casting small cones and metal sluslu is the best job. A few nice-
Queen fish of the size are also mixed with them. Scott Hillier.
Catch Scott on Friday night on Seven Local News shows in Townsville, Cairns and Mackay. www.
Hookupwithscottyhillier. com.
Last weekend, due to the fact that most anglers were restricted to estuary and rivers, the aucairnsrove Marine and gale warnings ruled out the possibility of fishing.
Despite the bad estuary conditions, fishing is very good, especially on bait.
On Sunday, some great fish were produced at the entrance to Cairns, where you can find shelter in the strong winds.
Some nice mangrove jacks up to 45 cm m using suspended dive bait like Lance\'s bait
Crafted by famous Barra guide Lance Butler, far north Queensland.
Barras also crushed Lance\'s bait in the cliffs and ditches of Cairns Bay and Hinchinbrook Strait, as well as a large number of estuary cod and trees.
At the mouth of the Russell River and the murgrave River, the trees are dense and are receiving bait and live bait.
On most of the live sardines in the estuary, there are still a large number of Black Jews, tree-bagged fish, small shark fin salmon and small finger prints biting in deep holes.
Some big pikey fish, small swings,
The tail soft plastic of the Barron River slowly bypassed the obstacles in the coming tides.
The weather looks good on weekends. Most people want to go to the rocks.
Although fishing is incomplete, it should produce some delicious mackerel fish by the full moon on Monday.
Fishing needle fishing fish manipulation or deep
Diving min fish should produce some quality fish on the edge of the wreck and reef.
The amount of rhubarb fin tuna outside the reef is also large and worth chasing, while the usual bottom
Fishing suspects for coral trout, nanyenggai and red throat emperors will also be targeted.
Tides will be ideal for targeting obstacles on temptation and Barra or Jack in the ditch.
You can also try the estuary.
Make sure to start early on the weekend as the boat ramp should be fully loaded again.
Cairns Erskine\'s fishing tackle Robert Erskine, 4051 6099 of fresh water, the cool windy conditions in northern Queensland help to keep all dams in water storage and fishing quiet.
One incentive to try out luck at the Awoonga Dam in Gladstone this weekend is the large fishing race that catches salt and fresh water areas including Awoonga.
The competition attracted 4000 anglers with a prize of over $200,000, mainly boats, cars and fishing tackle.
There will be a lot of luck-
Lottery and many live-
The fish is weighed, indicating the way for future competitions involving fish such as flatheads and bre fish, which can be measured and released.
In the reservoir section, I believe this is the length measurement and photo before the day of the fish release battle.
The Peter Faust Dam near Proserpine has been very quiet all the time, but pick up some fish by casting Rapala X-Raps in the 12-
The trees along the old creek bed are 14 cm away.
Lake Tinaroo has also been quiet, but local tour guide Ian Kucurs chose to take his clients to Lake koomaloomba instead of chasing whining people.
They managed to catch more than 30 fish, six of them at 40 cm. 50cm range!
He found that the most successful way to do this was to fish with soft plastic and spinners and let them sink into the bottom of the fish.
His plan for the weekend is to go to Lakefield, where the promise of warming weather is a bit in line with the leading weather
The full moon on Monday is likely to see very productive fishing.
Recently, the fresh water area of the far north River has been fishing for soot waste with soft plastic.
At this time of the year, fishing again will be better after sunny days to warm the water.
The middle and late afternoon is considered prime time.
There will be 0 for Roly Newton, Tackle World, Tully, 4068 1604 surf. 6m-0.
9 m east on the open beach.
During the long weekend, mild to moderate W/SW to W/northwest winds are expected and the situation will be clean.
On the Sunshine Coast, try the distance from the sun to kourum, mujimba, from mallochedore to Alexandra Headland, and from Ullah to kourmondi.
On the Gold Coast, try the central beach break, plus South Stradbroke and duramba.
For more information, please visit www.
Surfing in Queensland
Danger Point: Friday high 5. 48am 1. 11m, 6. 40pm 1. 59m; low 12. 27am 0. 38m, 11. 51pm 0. 20m. Sat high 6. 32am 1. 09m, 7. 19pm 1. 63m; low 1. 14am 0. 35m, 12. 28pm 0. 20m. Sun high 7. 13am 1. 13m, 7. 54pm 1. 65m; low 1. 56am 0. 32m, 1. 03pm 0. 21m.
Coast of Gold Coast: Friday high 6. 14am 1. 11m, 7. 06pm 1. 59m; low 12. 42am 0. 38m, 12. 06pm 0. 20m. Sat high 6. 58am 1. 09m, 7. 45pm 1. 63m; low 1. 29am 0. 35m, 12. 43pm 0. 20m. Sun high 7. 39am 1. 07m, 8. 20pm 1. 65m; low 2. 11am 0. 32m, 1. 18pm 0. 21m.
Brisbane bar: Fri high 727am 1. 79m, 8. 16pm 2. 36m; low 2am 0. 66m, 1. 41pm 0. 40m. Sat high 8. 13am 1. 75m, 8. 57pm 2. 39m; low 2. 49am 0. 63m, 2. 18pm 0. 39m. Sun high 8. 55am 1. 72m, 9. 33pm 2. 40m; low 3. 34am 0. 60m, 2. 54pm 0. 40m.
Mooolaba: 5 high on Friday. 59am 1. 34m, 6. 57pm 1. 81m; low 12. 33am 0. 59m, 12. 08pm 0. 30m. Sat high 6. 43am 1. 31m, 7. 34pm 1. 85m; low 1. 19am 0. 55m, 12. 45pm 0. 29m. Sun high 7. 24am 1. 28m, 8. 11pm 1. 87m; low 2am 0. 53m, 1. 20pm 0. 29m.
Burnett head: 6 high on Friday. 37am 2. 45m, 7. 24pm 2. 98m; low 1. 01am 0. 89m, 12. 44pm 0. 62m. Sat high 7. 22am 2. 41m, 8. 01pm 3. 01m; low 1. 45am 0. 85m, 1. 20pm 0. 62m. Sun high 8. 02am 2. 37m, 8. 35pm 3. 01m; low 2. 27am 0. 83m, 1. 55pm 0. 63m.
Gladstone: 7 high on Friday. 28am 3. 37m, 8pm 4. 05m; low 1. 38am 1. 05m, 1. 28pm 0. 85m. Sat high 8. 11am 3. 32m, 8. 37pm 4. 08m; low 2. 21am 0. 99m, 2. 02pm 0. 86m. Sun high 8. 51am 3. 27m, 9. 11pm 4. 06m; low 3am 0. 96m, 2. 33pm 0. 89m.
Port Alma: Friday high 7. 30am 4. 23m, 8. 09pm 5m; low 1. 57am 1. 28m, 1. 53pm 1. 07m. Sat high 8. 09am 1. 25m, 2. 27pm 1. 09m; low 2. 38am 1. 25m, 2. 27pm 1. 09m. Sun high 8. 46am 4. 12m, 9. 20pm 5m; low 3. 15am 1. 24m, 2. 58pm 1. 12m.

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