How to use biodegradable cosmetics glitter?


Biodegradable cosmetics glitteris very commonly used, can have the effect that decorate, biodegradable cosmetics glitter can let a face more bright, have outline feeling to wait, the feeling that gives others also is sparkling and bright feeling, many people want to learn how to use biodegradable cosmetics glitter to make up.

Biodegradable cosmetics glitter makeup skills:

1. in the use of bright powder, to the appropriate amount of use, for different skin, the amount of use will be different. To oily skin, do not often use bright pink, because facial ministry often is very oily feeling, want to shine originally oily, if use bright pink, can appear facial ministry is puffier.

2. When making up, need to be in only in the middle, the face that the bridge of the nose has convex concave is brushed on a few bright pink ok, want to notice to be in when the bright pink that hits the nose, do not hit the position that goes up in the middle of the eye, need to go up in the bridge of the nose only wipe a few can. Sometimes you can also play the bright powder in the inner corner of the eye, so that the eyes will appear more contour sense.

3. When playing the bright powder on the forehead, use the bright powder in the middle of the forehead, to the bridge of the nose that goes down between the eyes, still have the position of the chin, these positions are the middle of the person's face and can highlight the aesthetic feeling of the outline of the face. So that the overall makeup has a sparkling effect.

4. If you want to be more beautiful, you can apply blush to your face to make it appear more rosy.

Common usage of biodegradable cosmetics glitter

1. wear low-cut outfit, will biodegradable cosmetics glitter sweep in front of the chest can greatly enhance sexy degree, shining powder puff let the body send out invincible temptation, in addition to business parties, general parties or nightclubs, can be used. Choose exquisite biodegradable cosmetics glitter, feel the body sparkles, especially summer is used, with sexy short skirt also or high skirt, it is matchless! The night makes people shine!

2. wearing back can be swept in the shoulder, biodegradable cosmetics glitter is to play the role of decoration, such as elbow can be used in the whole arm of the most rough parts, biodegradable cosmetics glitteris not easy to play more, or in the sun on the terror;

3. biodegradable cosmetics glitter can also be used on the hair! Use an oversized brush to coat the hair with some powder and then sweep it in the direction of the hair's growth. In addition to giving off a silken sheen to your hair, fine powder texture can also be effective in giving the roots a more fluffy look.

4. can use as honey powder already sweep in the face, can use as eye shadow again. Daytime make up very weak had better not use biodegradable cosmetics glitter, can show exaggerated. Evening words because lamplight affects makeup to be able to be a bit thick, add again biodegradable cosmetics glittercan be very outstanding, can sweep in eyebrow bone, inside canthus, on eyelid even brow, lower eyelid central part, can make eye bead belongs to more water spirit. Use on brow bone and bridge of the nose, can appear face stereo.

5.On the biodegradable cosmetics glitter and skin color should be excessive, not on a piece. If necessary, cosmetic stores will specialize in glitter and shadow powder. Biodegradable cosmetics glitter profile, is in order to correct the face, look more standard and use the technique, usually makeup can be used, let the face look stereo, clear-cut.

Notes on using biodegradable cosmetics glitter

1. Shiny and beautiful clothes, of course, make people like them. Just the cosmetic that contains ablaze particle can bring very big burden to skin. So, when discharge makeup, the particle that one takes light also cannot remain, must clean thoroughly clean. The same goes for nail polish with sparkly particles. Don't wear this nail polish for more than a week.

2. Eye shadow, nail polish contains gold powder composition more, basically be titanium, zinc wait for metallic material. Eye shadow contains a lot of bright pink, do not clean thoroughly, it can take away the moisture of skin, increase the burden of skin, make skin breathes hard.

3. Nail polish remover, too!

Low alcohol, cheap nail polish remover, will make nails yellow and hard.

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