Hand-cranked sugar cane juicer


Hand-cranked sugar cane juicer

The hand-cranked sugarcane juicer appeared early, and can squeeze the delicious sugarcane juice, which is in line with people's healthy dietary pursuit. The juice squeezed out of it is pure and natural, without additives, sweet and cool. If you want to buy, quickly buy one. What are the characteristics of the hand-cranked sugarcane juicer?

1. Manual juice extraction: It is different from the electric sugar cane juicer. It cannot start the power supply and complete the juice extraction process, mainly by manual juice extraction. When squeezing juice, it is necessary to constantly shake the handle to squeeze out the sugar cane juice.

2. Simple operation: it has simple production process and very simple operation. Almost everyone can learn, but not everyone can use it. People with high arm strength are more suitable to use it.

3. Single style: Since there are few hand-cranked sugarcane juicers, the available styles are very simple. If you want to buy a sugarcane juicer with beautiful appearance, it is estimated that it is difficult to find.

4. Energy-saving and power-saving: Compared with electric sugarcane juicer, it saves more money, because the whole process of manual operation does not need to be powered on. If you do not use it often, you can also consider buying this one.

5. Cheap price: Since the motor is not needed, the internal parts are relatively simple, so it is cheap. You wo n’t feel distressed if you buy it and use it.

How to choose a hand-cranked sugarcane juicer

Although the electric sugar cane juicer is convenient and durable, the excessive centrifugal rate will destroy the nutrition of the juice, so some people are still willing to buy the hand-cranked sugarcane juicer. How to choose a hand-cranked sugar cane juicer? You may wish to take a look at the Raiders:

1. Find the right business: Hand-cranked sugarcane juicers are relatively rare in the market, so many people buy it through online platforms. If you shop online, you need to pick the right merchant and check its level and followers. Usually, a good store has a flagship store logo and pays a lot of attention.

2. View product details: On the shopping platform, enter keywords to find products. But in many products, different brands have different characteristics, you can check the product details to find out.

3. Consultation of customer service: The juice yield, ease of operation, and ease of cleaning can be indirectly understood through consultation with customer service. To avoid buying wrong, you should ask, so that you can rest assured.

4. Order shopping: understand clearly, think the price is appropriate, place an order, fill in the receipt information, and wait for the merchant to ship it within a few days, which is convenient and fast.

Which brand of hand-cranked sugar cane juicer is good

When choosing a sugarcane juicer, you should also pay attention to its brand. Because the brand is closely related to the quality of the product. If you want to buy a good product, it is recommended to buy a brand with higher visibility. Which brand of hand-cranked sugarcane juicer is better? Recommend several brands to everyone (for reference only):

1. Philips

Philips is a familiar brand for many people, with non-electrical products, such as a hand-cranked sugar cane juice machine. The Philips hand-cranked sugar cane juicer not only has a very fast speed when squeezing juice, but also is very labor-saving, allowing people to easily drink their favorite sugar cane juice. And Philips' hand-crushed sugar cane machine has a very good service life. Compared with similar products, it also has a unique personality and characteristics.

2. Ruimei

Ruimei's hand-cranked sugarcane juicer is very competitive in the face of similar products. On the one hand, because Ruimei has rich experience and technology accumulated over the years, on the other hand, because Ruimei is very particular about the production process, Therefore, the quality of the juicer produced is very guaranteed.

3. Le Lang

In the juice extractor industry, Lelang is a leader in the industry, so many consumers trust this brand very much. And its hand-cranked sugarcane juicer is also very good, not only can it achieve the effect of saving time and effort when used, but it can also ensure certain hygiene problems. In addition, compared with other brands of hand-cranked sugarcane In the case of a juicer, Le Lang's hand-cranked sugar cane juice is cheaper.


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How to use sugarcane juicer

The most important thing is to buy the hand-cranked sugarcane juicer right. If not, the experience will be too bad, which will affect the user's mood for continued use. How to use the hand-cranked sugarcane juicer? You may wish to take a look at how to use it:

1. For the first use, carefully read the instruction manual to understand its use method to avoid abnormal conditions during use.

2. Check whether the parts are intact, operate it again to see if the machine can be shaken smoothly, and if it can, juice can be started.

3. Prepare the sugar cane needed for juice extraction, remember not to be too little, If not, you won't be able to try again if you can't squeeze it out for the first time.

4. Peel the sugar cane and place it in the squeezing tank of the juicer. Shake the machine by hand and use the role of rod and roller skate to squeeze out the sugar cane juice by vigorously squeezing.

5. Separate impurities, pour out pure juice, add condiments, a cup of delicious sugar cane juice is ready.

6. Clean and wipe the sugar cane juicer, put it indoors until it dries, cover it with a cloth, and keep it for the next use.

What to do if the hand-cranked sugarcane juicer is broken

If the machine breaks down, unplug the power plug and stop using it as soon as possible to avoid the failure. In addition, the maintenance personnel should be contacted for home repair. Because many people don't repair this kind of machine, how to repair a hand-cranked sugarcane juicer?

1. Trouble solving

It is normal for the hand-cranked sugarcane juicer to malfunction occasionally, because after all, the machine will wear out during use. It is important to solve and find the correct method to deal with. There are many causes of failures, such as clogged foreign objects, damaged power cords, and abnormal poles.

2. Maintenance failure

If the power cord is damaged, replacing it with a new one will solve the problem, but if the pole is broken, it will be more difficult to replace, because the machine must be dismantled and reinstalled. However, this is not difficult for technicians, and the replacement can be completed by finding the right method.

3. Correct maintenance

In order to avoid frequent failures, daily maintenance should be done, regularly clean the dirt inside the juicer, and replace the aging parts. If there is any abnormality, please contact the maintenance personnel, do not disassemble and assemble it by yourself, because the dismantling and group errors will also cause new failures.

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