Sugarcane juicer


Sugarcane juicer

Sugar cane is a good product among fruits, which can be used as medicine, and has the effects of clearing heat, regenerating, scorching, and moisturizing. If you are upset, thirsty, and nausea vomiting, you can drink sugar cane juice. But to extract sugarcane juice, a sugarcane juicer is required. What are the characteristics of the sugarcane juicer?

The sugarcane juicer is built to cater to the modern people's health and sanitation diet, and can extract natural sugarcane juice to meet people's drinking needs. It is divided into two types of hand-crank type and electric type, with beautiful appearance and convenient operation. Usually, we can see restaurants, cafes, stations and terminals. If you want to buy one, it is also a good choice.

If it is an electric sugar cane juicer, it has a fast start, a stable speed, and continuous juice extraction. The cups with ingredients are excellent in material quality, high in transparency and durable. The machine operates with less noise and will not affect people's daily life. In normal use, as long as the correct method of operation, you can avoid machine failure. In addition, the machine should be well maintained to avoid the damage of the purchased machine within one year.

Which sugarcane juicer is better

At present, there are many types of sugar cane juicers on the market, such as vertical sugar cane juicers, desktop sugar cane juicers, and battery sugar cane juicers. Although they all use the principle of compression to peel and squeeze juice, the effect is different. Let's take a look at their characteristics, and then determine which sugarcane juicer is good.

Vertical sugar cane juicer

It uses a voltage of 220V, a motor power of 750W, an output of 300kg / h, a roller speed of 26 insurgence per minute, a belt model of A700, an external dimension of 46X39X90.5 cm, a weight of 65kg, a normal operating speed, and a juice output rate that is moderate. If you think that the vertical sugar cane juicer is more beautiful, economical and practical to put in your home, you can consider buying this one.

Desktop sugar cane juicer

It uses voltage 220V, motor power 750W, output 300kg / h, pressure roller speed 20 insurgence per minute, belt model A850, overall dimensions 46x39x63.5cm, weight 57kg. Compared with the vertical sugar cane juicer, it is lighter in weight but slower in operation.

Battery Sugar Cane Juicer

It uses a voltage of 24V, a motor power of 250W, an output of 300kg / h, a pressure roller speed of 15 insurgence per minute, a belt model of A851050, an external dimension of 45x38x54cmcm, and a weight of 56kg. Compared with the former two sugarcane juicers, it requires lower voltage, lower power, and similar output. Therefore, the battery sugarcane juicer is more economical and practical, you can consider buying it.

How to buy sugarcane juicer

When buying a sugarcane juicer, you need to find the right method, if not, you will be annoyed when you buy a product of poor quality. How to choose a sugarcane juicer? What are the pits to avoid buying sugar cane juicers? You may wish to look down:

1. Brand: No matter which kind of electrical appliance you buy, you must choose the right brand, because the brand is closely related to the quality of the product. Generally, high-profile brand products have better quality and are more popular with the public.

2. Quality: Check the quality of the product to see if the appearance is good, whether the parts are complete, whether the operation is convenient, and whether there is strong noise. If the quality of the product is not satisfactory, a new product should be replaced.

3. Juice yield: The main purpose of the sugarcane juicer is to squeeze the sugarcane juice. A high juice yield indicates a good use effect. When buying, you should test it and try to buy products with high juice yield.

4. Ease of use: When buying an appliance, ease of use is critical. If you buy it back and read the manual, it won't work. It's best to try it on the spot to see if you can learn it in a moment.

5. Price: For many people, overpriced products are of good quality, but they cannot afford them. Cost-effective products with medium prices are more popular. When purchasing sugar cane juicers, one must consider one's own economic level and buy products at an appropriate price.

How to use sugarcane juicer

When buying a sugar cane juicer, many people thought about trying it out the first time. Squeeze delicious sugar cane juice to satisfy greedy self. What about sugarcane juicers? What should I pay attention to when using sugar cane juicer? You will understand after reading the following:

The first step is to cut off the root and head of the sugar cane, take the middle peel and squeeze juice, generally a sugar cane can squeeze a cup of sugar cane juice.

In the second step, if the sugar cane exceeds 30 mm in diameter, it is necessary to split it in half and peel and squeeze to avoid overloading the juicer.

The third step, if the juicer is overloaded, immediately pull out the power plug, cut off the power, and pull the belt by hand to take out the unsqueezed sugarcane.

The fourth step is to clean the roller after using the juicer. If there is still juice in the juice box, dump it and try to keep it clean and tidy.

The fifth step is to place the machine in a ventilated and dry place and wait for it to dry slowly. Remember not to place it next to corrosive substances to avoid damage.

Maintenance method of sugarcane juicer

In order to avoid abnormal conditions during the use of sugar cane juicers, daily maintenance should be done. How to maintain the sugar cane juicer? The following are its maintenance methods:

1. Clean in time

Some lazy people use the sugar cane juicer and leave it on the side without washing. It is wrong to clean it after the next use. Because sugar cane contains sugar, it is easy to provoke mosquitoes and pollute the machine. Therefore, it should be cleaned immediately after use to avoid the growth of bacteria in the juicer.

2. Regular inspection

Regular inspections are one of the effective methods for maintaining sugar cane juicers. Usually, you can make a plan and check it every two to three months. If the frequency of use is high, you can check it once a month to ensure that there are no abnormalities in the parts, and the sugar cane juicer can be used normally.

3. Properly placed

Do not place the machine in direct sunlight, or place it near water, to avoid exposure to sunlight and moisture, and to ensure that the appearance of the sugar cane juicer does not fade and mold. If it is found to be dirty, you can wipe the lower surface with a damp cloth, but do not move the position often. Because it is placed properly, it can be used longer.

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