How to make glitter makeup look good?


When did glitter makeup get popular? Many girls like to apply glitter makeup. If you look good, you can add points to your makeup.

Step1: As with all makeup, the first step is to apply a regular foundation to the face. If the makeup is lighter, it is best to reflect the transparency of the skin, so as to be in harmony with the glitter of the glitters.

Step2: Next, we use the brown eye shadow that is more popular in the season. The warm color tone is more suitable for the fair skin tone of Asian girls, so that the entire glitter makeup looks more grounded, and there will be no exaggeration.

Step3: In order to create a cute look of makeup, the blush under the eyes should be slightly increased!

Step4: Choose the glitters you like, use the glue of false eyelashes, and stick the glitters under the eyes. It is recommended to stick them sparsely.

Step5: Brush the eyelashes after the application.

Step6: Finally, apply a pink lip makeup, you can go out beautifully.

Finally, you with glitter eye makeup will definitely become a glittering point that can not be ignored in PARTY!

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