Packaging trends for cosmetics 2020: tube and plastic bottles are attracting more attention


The current status of cosmetic containers in the United States: tube and plastic bottles are attracting more attention. As the market demand for cosmetics has increased, consumers are paying more and more attention to the size and unit capacity of packaging, and this phenomenon has also increased the demand for cosmetic containers in the United States.


American research agency Freedonia (Freedonia) once published a report entitled "The Seventh Revision of the Status of American Cosmetic Containers", which analyzed the current status of the US container market with a scale of 4.6 billion US dollars.


According to the report, good economic prospects and improved living standards for low-income families have boosted the growth of cosmetics containers that make products look more advanced.


According to different types, the advantage of squeeze bottles is that they not only look high-end, easy to use, but also carry a certain weight. When using glass bottles and glass bottle perfumes, not only do they look good and attract attention, but also more and more high-end basic skin care and cosmetics choose to use these containers.


In addition, in order to achieve the goal of sustainable development, as the use of secondary packaging becomes less and less, the use rate of folded boxes and set-up boxes becomes less and less.


However, because folded boxes and set-up boxes can effectively convey the image of high-end brands, it is also widely used in the field of high-end products, which is worth noting.


In addition, the report also pointed out that with the more and more common provision of samples in the beauty market, the retail environment of beauty products is constantly changing, and the demand for container design is also increasing.


At the same time, the report also pointed out that the phenomenon of mixed display and retail of high-end brands and mass brands on the market has also begun to appear. With the continuous development of e-commerce, lighting is concentrated on products that attract attention in offline stores and digital environments.


Therefore, the report pointed out that the cosmetics packaged in tubular and plastic bottles are more attracting attention than the packaging in bags and glass bottles. The products packaged in bags and glass bottles have a consistent brand story through the production of various sizes of containers and member registration services. Certain difficulties.


In addition, the report also asserts that in terms of innovation in the container field, it will continue to emphasize sustainable development in the future. The report pointed out that the method adopted by individual cosmetic brands to easily comply with environmental issues is to use recyclable natural materials.


Therefore, most cosmetic brands are increasing the development of recyclable packaging, and hope that consumers can actively participate in recycling activities carried out by cosmetics companies. XJ Beauty is the OEM cosmetics manufacturer who pursues sustainable development of the environment. Please participate with us to protect the world.

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