Brief Introduction of COSCO Tent


The range of large outdoor party tents from COSCO are available in width spans from 3m to 60m! The modular construction of these eye-catching, crowd-stopping tents can be built to any length by adding 5m prolongation bays. 


Not to be compared with conventional two story tents: The COSCO Modular Tent can be freely erected as a second level in every large tent. If required; it serves as a complete upper mezzanine level, a balcony or as a stand-alone gallery.

The basic tent shape of the Losberger Palas is a gable roof with a slight roof slope of just 7 degrees and a surrounding 2.5m high roof parapet that allows the Palas to present as a total marketing suite and eye-catching advertising medium. It can be used as a large volume event and presentation hall, while at the same time a variant as an Emporium with two levels can also be implemented.


COSCO Tent is an innovative, semi-permanent or permanent fabric roof building system that combines brilliant yet simple structural engineering and excellence in manufacturing. structures can be installed with up to 132 feet of open space, using no interior columns and they carry side heights as much as 10m!


These event tents can be used in many different applications, such as: receptions, hospitality venues, new product introductions, retail outlet shops, light manufacturing buildings, temporary supermarkets, fashion show venues, marketing suites, temporary office space, .... or a meeting facility.



Tents or canopies can be used for different events, including wedding, corporate meeting, parties and sport events.COSCO offer a wide range of tents that can even be used in military settings like field hospital.

COSCO manufacture tent based on needs of every customer to make best fit. There are inflatable, temporary, permanent, steel structure and other types of event offered by COSCO.



Event tents can be made based on your color requirements. White tents are among popular tents.



Tents can be manufactured based on your needs and requirement and COSCO is capable of offering canopies equipped with electrical, mechanical and specialized equipment.




Event canopies need to be designed for each commercial setting to fit the requirements of event.COSCO offer free consulting to make sure the tent will suit the wedding event, party event, sports event or any other type of event you are going to host. Tent prices vary significantly based on the structure that can be steel, aluminum or other materials, fabric that you need and pole and other technical details.


§ It must qualify as a “Green Building"

§ It must be aesthetically pleasing

§ It must be functional

§ It must be very cost effective and be ready for use quickly


These amounted to difficult, almost self-opposing requirements that had to be met for the project to succeed. But proactive management, good communication, and team planning and cooperation among many people from several independent business entities paid off. Sandra, as Project Manager and lead facilitator plowed through potential unforeseen project roadblocks as though they were just minor speed bumps to keep the project moving forward. The new Oyster Point Room meeting facility opened on schedule and stayed within budget.


The building’s French design work and engineering calculations provided by COSCO were analyzed, evaluated and finally certified as meeting the applicable California fire and building codes by a well experienced local structural Professional Engineer specializing in fabric structure engineering (Huntington Designs, Oakland, CA). The new building needed to be fully sprinklered and insulated to meet the fire and building code requirements, yet it was still able to meet an important objective of SSFCC: incorporate a magnificent 16’wide X 50’ long ceiling skylight to offer ambient lighting and partial solar pass-through. Without any interior support columns, the 4,100 square feet of open space (15’ high ceilings) would be able to offer open plan use for almost any inside meeting need.


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