RC car owners flock to fun impromptu Sierra Park meet


Slater Sperry, age 2, came to Sierra Park Saturday afternoon with his family. He soon found to his heart’s delight monster trucks just his size speeding and crashing around him. Slater loved running to flip over crashed cars.

Henry Becerra put together an afternoon of radio control car competition and fun for a group of friends at Sierra Park Saturday. The day was filled with plenty of speed and abundant crashes while the enthusiasts enjoyed sun, companionship and racing.

Despite COVID-19 restrictions of gathering being in place, the park was surprisingly busy. The racing of the cars lends itself to social distancing and the low-key event was a natural.

When Henry and then others showed up at the park and started speeding their cars on the grass and sand, boys of all ages took turns to assist the racers as they ran to flip crashed cars back onto their wheels. Spectators were plentiful, as well, as they showed up to watch the miniature-sized monster trucks and race cars race, speed and, inevitably, crash.

Henry Becerra races his Kraton 6s with his son Benjamin Becerra who turns 5 tomorrow. Photos courtesy of Briana Wilkerson

Among the cars present were XMAXX, Kraton 6s and Nitro Savage.

Henry said that so much fun was had that plans were quickly made for another meet-up this week. The group spoke of hopefully one day there being an RC car club and even a park just for racing and running the cars.

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