Commercial dishwashers use cost-effective to solve practical problems


Since entering the domestic market, commercial dishwashers have become more and more popular. First, star-rated hotels, chain restaurants, and staff canteens and institutions of enterprises and institutions have become more and more popular. Dishwashers have replaced manual dishwashing. But among many brands, commercial dishwashers have different prices, which is inevitable. In fact, the price is one aspect, the key depends on what problems it can solve for you.

 What are the reasonable prices for commercial dishwashers? The innovative automatic slag removal system will bring you the perfect effect of continuous cleaning. In a busy large kitchen, a large amount of food debris will accumulate in the pre-wash area, which will lead to increased pre-wash tank residues and increase the frequency of water changes. In addition, this has an adverse effect on water treatment and degreasing. After filtering by the well-designed filter screen, the automatic slag removal system automatically discharges large particles through the device in the pre-washing module.

 Large pieces of residue will be continuously discharged through the filter screen and sewage pump directly into the filter basket at the inlet end, continuously maintaining the purity of the water in the water tank. Food debris can be quickly removed through the imported drawer filter basket. There is no longer the trouble of terminating the operation and repeatedly removing the trash basket. The automatic residue removal system will automatically remove these food particles before the residue affects the water quality, and continue to maintain a fairly clean water quality. Therefore, the operator only needs to add a small amount of cleaning agent during the continuous cleaning process, even if the chemical liquid replenishment occurs for a period of time, it can be ignored. Through such automatic processing, it is possible to further reduce operating costs while also protecting the environment.

The innovative slag removal system of commercial dishwashers can make the whole kitchen more tidy and orderly while ensuring high efficiency,

low cost and cleaner.

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