What is the holographic 3D advertising machine?


Holographic 3D advertising machine is a new type of advertising display equipment. Its main advantages are low energy consumption, cool effect, full of technology, and higher display performance than traditional advertising machines.

The realization of the 3D advertising machine mainly utilizes the persistence factor of the human eye vision (POV technology), and densely arranges one column or several columns of LEDs and then rotates the imaging.

In more detail, the visual effect of light on the retina remains for a while after the light stops. Although the recognition accuracy of the human eye is very high, the time required for the optic nerve to transmit images to the brain is 1/24 second. It is this factor that can be used to form a continuous picture when the switching speed of multiple freeze frames reaches 24 frames (the 24 frames referred to here are the frame rate directly displayed to the human eye, not the frame rate transmitted by the part to the machine). . The frame rate of the holographic 3D advertising machine is generally around 30 frames per second, which means that the time for each frame freeze is 1/30 second, so the effect of imaging is realized. At the same time, when the device is imaged, the LED lights are illuminated, and the surrounding outer casing is dark and does not emit light. When the device is in operation, the human eye only receives the light staying, while the dark color is too fast to be The brain distinguishes, so that the display effect will only stay on the light displayed by the LED, thus achieving the effect of aerial imaging. The 3D effect material is used again, which realizes the effect of holographic 3D imaging.

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