Where Can Find Free Ceramic Tile Samples


The dream of Internet commerce wakes up to a sorry reality whenever it comes to returning vast quantities of heavy items. Languishing in your basement, 850 pounds of ceramic tile that you don't like. Now what?

Some tile manufacturers and retailers combat this problem by offering free ceramic tile samples. It's not a perfect solution because often you're receiving only tile slices, not entire tiles. But it's a start and we like it.

To that end, we are listing tile companies that offer tile samples with no catch. These are perfectly free tile samples, including shipping and handling ("S&H"). Additionally, we list the most expensive free sample*, a cautionary note, and a surprising bonus.

Fireclay Basil Tile

Fireclay produces gorgeous handmade artisan tile in California, which usually translates to: "Free samples? Are you kidding?" Up to 5 samples are available.

Basil with black patine

Sample sizes are small—about 1.5" by 3". Even though no sample is ever quite big enough to visualize how an entire floor or wall will look, these barely make the cut. But still: it's free, so how can you argue?

Nice Surprise

Samples arrived in a neat little box 2 days later. The best surprise is that a small- to mid-sized tile company that offers artistic tile has a free sample operation. We're not sure how long this will last, but we love it while it's still in place.

BuildDirect Boardwalk Salerno Tile

BuildDirect is an online retailer of all sorts of home improvement items, tile being just one item. BuildDirect offers up to 5 samples for free.

Takla Italian porcelain plank tile

Be careful of going over your limit of free items, or you will get dinged with high costs. Adding just one extra item will cost you $12 and 2 extra items will cost $32. 

Nice Surprise

Only 2 days later, you will receive a huge bundle of 6" square floor tile samples.

BuildDirect's definition of "tile" is stretched to include Pedra Granite Modular, which is arguably more kitchen counter than tile.

Florida Tile

Florida Tile is a huge tile manufacturer and distributor located in Lexington, Kentucky, of course. 

Cannot be determined, as Florida Tile does not list prices. However, Florida Tile informs us that the company's entire catalog of field tile (but field tile only) is available for free samples.

Since you cannot see images of the tiles you are ordering, we recommend opening 2 tabs on your browser: one tab with the part of the site showing the tiles, another tab with the above-linked sample request form. Then, match the desired tile in the first tab with the drop-down lists in the second tab. This one is not easy.

Nice Surprise

A Florida Tile representative assured us that the full-size sample tile will be sent out. 

Even though this one is a toughie, it's worth the effort.

Not Free, But Noteworthy

The tile world is littered with companies that will sell you one tile or a section of a tile. They may charge for the tile but make S&H free or the reverse. In fact, not only are these tile not free but on a per-square-foot basis they are exorbitantly priced, as you will see:

Guangdong Overland Ceramics Co., Ltd. was founded in 1999, located in Foshan, is a large tile manufacturers in china integrating design, research and development, manufacturing and marketing. It is committed to providing consumers with simple, fashionable and high-grade "plain modern bricks".

"Plain modern brick" -- the international trend of modern ceramic tiles. Abandoning complexity, luxury and fancy, it is different from other colorful ceramic tiles. It is mainly black, white and grey in color, emphasizes the integration of natural and fashionable elements in texture, and is characterized by large specifications. Its application space is more concise and lively, relaxed and comfortable, and intellectually elegant. It has become the mainstream trend of ceramic tile consumption."plain modern brick" matches the international standard and pursues modern plain aesthetics.The selection of global high-end sites.

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