Why do we use WPC Products than other products ?


Greenzone Specialized in the production of plastic wood Products, and Export the WPC decking & Wall cladding,wpc ceiling, Pergola,wood railings and composite timber to the World.

Because plastic wood has two characteristics of water resistance and corrosion resistance of plastics and texture of wood, it becomes a kind of outdoor building materials (wpc flooring, wpc fence, chair stool, wooden garden furniture or waterfront landscape, etc.) with excellent performance and very durable performance.

Its variety is complete, the price is ultra low, the product material is stable, the texture is clear, bright, anticorrosive, safe environmental protection wood plastic material and the ordinary material’s difference.

The difference between wood plastic composite board material and ordinary material:

1. The lowest loss of plastic wood profile;

Plastic wood is the profile, according to customer needs, can be produced to meet the customer needs of the length of materials. but usually The length of all timber is fixed

2:Plastic wood in the same situation, can win more with less.

For example, the general pavement outdoor floor, the choice of wood, the need for 45MM about the thickness of wood.

Plastic wood, only need 25MM thickness of the material, its strength is higher than the 45MM anticorrosive wood.

In other words, if the use of wood is 1 cubic meters, then plastic wood only need about 0.5 cubic meters.

3:Plastic wood products can be maintenance-free.

Wood in one year generally need to do maintenance or paint and so on.

In the long run, the maintenance cost of plastic wood is far from wood products.

4:Plastic wood surfaces do not need to be painted.

Wood generally needs to be treated with surface paint or waterborne paint.

In other words, plastic wood is convenient and cheap in construction.

5. Plastic wood is a kind of profile, hollow specifications are many. A lot of materials have been saved.

We all know that aluminum doors and windows can be popularized so quickly,because it is hollow profile, if solid, then the price is incredibly high.

Plastic hollow savings part, although not as high as aluminum alloy, but also more objective.

It is well known that hollow not only reduces weight, but also increases strength. Plastic wood can be hollow, but wood is impossible.

6, plastic wood life, can generally reach 3-4 times of ordinary wood.

Foreign data show that plastic wood can be used for 10-50 years.

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