How to Select Really Trustworthy OEM Shoes Supplier



As you may already know, the acronym OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturing, which really makes reference to a manufacturer who designs, creates and produces an original product that he then supplies to other brands in large volumes. Later on, the retailer who bought these original products can sell them to the final customers, usually for a very competitive price. 

In this article we will specifically be focusing on a very precise OEM product which will be OEM shoes and of course OEM shoes suppliers, who produce affordable and best-quality footgear. 


This particular way of manufacturing shoes offers a big amount of benefits not only to the final customer, who can buy more affordable footwear, but also to the wholesaler or seller that decides to make business with an OEM manufacturer. Some of the perks of buying OEM shoes as a retailer are the following:

To begin with, the cost of producing OEM shoes will be lowere in comparison to your competitor's, which will give you an advantage over them in the market, as your prices will be more competitive. This deduction in production is due to the initial price deduction that the OEM shoes supplier gets when buying large quantities of materials and components. 

Secondly, OEM shoe manufacturers produce quality footwear that you can rely on at all times, without having to worry about finding differences in different units of the same final product or about the shoes losing any quality or value over time.

Another benefit you will get as an OEM shoes supplier's client is that their response time will be the fastest, as they don't have to spend as much time on designing as other much smaller manufacturers.

The perks mentioned above are just a few of the many benefits that OEM shoes suppliers can offer you if you choose to work with them. 


Some customers may be hesitant about picking OEM sneakers from a store, over any other manufacturer's shoes. Well, while it makes sense that people who don't really know much about a product feel doubtful about it, the truth is that the footwear OEM manufactures produce are actually very benefitial for customers.

Buyers will find that OEM shoes are undeniably comfortable, even those people who suffer some kind of feet condition will find this kind of footgear pleasent and their feet will even start healing with time. They are what we call 'health-friendly', as they help improve leg functions and avoid any other conditions that may affect the onwners' feet like blisters.

Another remarkable characteristic about OEM sneakers that customers will find valuable is their durability, as they are meticulously produced.

These shoes are also designed to fit and please those customers who have any uncommon measurement given that they are specially designed having in mind this portion of the population.

For those buyes who want to express themselves trhough their clothing these shoes will also have an added value because they are stylish and unique in their designs.

Last but not least, this kind of shoe is made out of sustainable materials that will last longer and can be recycled which means that they are not a threat in any way to the environment. Eco-friendly footwear may also be something that some customers will value if they are concercend with the planet's sustainability.


After reading this far, you are probably wondering who is the most trustworthy supplier to buy OEM sneakers and shoes from in the whole market. 

Well, in Relance Shoes we truly believe that we are your best option. Our company, was established in 2006 and we have been producing high quality OEM shoes since. Even though our company is settled in Asia (China) we are also operating in other markets such as USA, South America, the Middle East and Europe.

The main reason why we claim to be the most trustworthy OEM shoes supplier in the market is because we truly believe in what we do and how we do it. We are deeply involved in offering the best services we can maintining our company's honor and reputation. What is more, we are fully concerned with offering our clients the highest quality fashion in footwear along with affordable and reasonable prices. In order to ensure that our OEM shoes are fashionable, trendy and cutting-edge we have among our employees, people specifically dedicated to traveling to the top fashion capital cities in the world, like London, New York, Tokyo, Paris or Milan. Their objective is to bring back to our headquartes the information that they gathered on the latest rages and trends and we inlclude them in our colections paying the closest and tighest attention to every small detail.

Among all the different kinds of OEM shoes that Relance is selling you can find outdoor OEM shoes explicitly designed to protect your feet and ankles, when doing activities such as hiking, from any possible injuries. We are also producing running OEM sneaker designed to ensure and maximize friction with the ground when practicing sports. Along with these, there are bike shoes and lifestyle shoes available in our catalogue as well.

We firmly believe that choosing Relance Shoes as your trusted OEM shoes supplier is the best choice you could make because of a number of reasons; the main ones being our long time experience as shoe manufacturers, our outstanding professional profile as designers, the high quality you will always find in our product, our sensational efficiency and short time of response, as well as the excrutiantingly effective control we have over both purchase and production costs. 

Overall, we would like to point out that professionalism and years long worth of experience in OEM shoe making at our factories is what makes us who we are as an enterprise and what identifies our company as the most trustworthy one in the market.

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