How to identify the material of womens casual tote bag


How to identify real leather bags?

1. Hand touch: touch the fashion pu leather handbag surface with your hands. If it feels smooth, soft, plump and elastic, it is genuine leather.And general man-made synthetic leather face hair acerbity, inflexible, softness is poor.

2, smell: all leather has the smell of leather;And artificial leather has pungent stronger plastic odour.

3, see: real leather surface has a clear hair, patterns, cattle skin has a more symmetrical pores, yak skin has a thicker and sparse pores, goat skin has fish scale pores.

4. Ignition: tear a bit of fiber from the back of real leather and artificial leather. When ignited, the artificial leather will give off pungent odor and form a pimple.Always send hair odour, do not knot hard a knot in one's heart is dermis.

How to distinguish cow leather, pig leather, horse leather and sheep leather?

1, horse leather: the hair on the surface of horse leather is also elliptic, slightly larger than the pores of cattle leather, arranged more regular rules.

2, sheep leather: sheep leather light, thin and soft, is the ideal fabric for leather clothing, leather grain pores flat round, clear pores, several roots formed a group, arranged like fish scales.

3. Cow leather: cow leather has fine surface, high strength and is most suitable for leather shoes.The pore of surface of yellow cow leather shows circle, extend straighter ground into leather inside, pore is close and even, arrange irregular, like all over the sky star.The pore of surface of buffalo leather is thicker than yellow cow leather, pore number is more rare than yellow cow leather, leather is qualitative flabby, not equal to yellow water leather meticulous plump.

4, pig leather: pig leather permeability and moisture permeability is good.The pores on the surface of pig leather are round and thick, which are inclined to extend into the leather.The pores are arranged in groups of three, and the leather surface presents many small triangular patterns.

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