Lady daily tote bag Maintenance


How often you should clean your handbag?

Perhaps not surprisingly, the regularity with which you need to clean your handbag depends on how often you use it. The more it gets a run out on the top, the more cleaning it will need.

"If you use the bag every day you should do this every two to three months. If it is more of a weekend bag or when you are heading out for special occasions every six to nine months will be enough to keep your item protected."

1, clean

After removing dust first, reapply special clean oil to remove dirt and wrinkles.Next, dip the special oil of pu leather handbag on cloth, besmear gently on leather bag, rub cloth forcibly on leather bag next, but do not besmear too much cleaner, lest make leather bag fades or the clothes on pollution.

2, stain

If there are stains on the leather, wipe it with clean wet sponge with warm detergent and let it dry naturally.Leather products such as black spots, can be tried with the same color leather dabbed with alcohol.Suede leather should use soft animal hair brush to remove dust and dirt on the surface, if pollution is more serious, can try to gently push to all sides evenly with an eraser to remove dirt.

3, receive

Yaoda leather wants to collect leather bag, get clean its leather face first before receiving, and inside leather bag should put clean broken paper group or cotton unlined upper garment, in order to maintain the shape of leather bag, put leather bag into soft cotton bag next, collect the leather bag in ark should avoid undeserved extrude and be out of shape.

4, peculiar smell

Place orange peel (fresh) in your fashion bags and leave for a day.Put some grapefruit peel in it, or lemon peel, and it will be tasteless in 2 days.The bag that shoppe buys newly also wants to put two days in ventilated place, go flavour.If summer, can be a little under the sun, to change to winter, sisters remember not to put in the sun under the sun, because leather bags in winter under the sun will be affected by the cold air, leather is prone to chemical reactions and make leather bags easy to crisp.

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