How to remove the odor from the handbag


1. Put a whole bar of soap into the bag and seal it in the plastic bag for 3 days.How it works: soap -- adds flavor.

2, take a soft towel in the water soaked, and then take out wring dry, and then the pu leather handbag inside and outside carefully wipe again, wipe the leather bag in a ventilated place dry OK.Note that if the summer, you can be in the sun a little sun, to change to the winter, the sisters remember not to be in the sun in the sun, because the bag in the winter sun will be affected by the cold air, the leather is prone to chemical reactions and make the bag easy to brittle skin.

3, orange peel with many honeycomb holes, is a good adsorbent.We just need to wash and dry the rest of the orange peel, and then put it into a piece of the bag inside, and then close the bag, after a period of time to open the bag you will find that the smell of the bag is not only removed, but also can make our bag fragrance.

4, the household is very ordinary toilet paper fold a few fold, into the smell of the bag, the toilet paper on the smell sucked away, ventilation, toilet paper can also be reused, of course, or smell with.By the same token, if you put your bag in a bigger container than your bag and put toilet paper around it, you won't be able to get the smell out of the bag.Try it.

5, the counter to buy a new women's professional bags wholesale also want to put two days in the ventilation place, go to taste, so we buy in the counter are not taste, from taobao to buy the bag did not open will be so, the general bag in the home ventilation place put a day has no taste.

6, can use pure glycerine to wrap bag to wipe gently with the brush first, after air buy makes an appointment with 15 minutes, reoccupy 25-30 Celsius the lukewarm hot water of the left and right sides is catharsis, spray on lemon essence again finally, peculiar smell can disappear.

7, the old tea sewing in a small cloth bag, and then installed in the bag can absorb the flavor;The next day put the tea bag out, and then put the tea bag into the bag in the evening to absorb the flavor;So repeated, until tasteless.

8, put a few drops of lemon juice or lemon essential oil (if not, use white vinegar or toilet water, no nothing) and dilution in the water, with a small spray bottle injection both inside and outside the female handbag, again with warm wet dishcloth (if not use cold can also, the effect is not too much) wipe again, remember not too wet, or the cortex is not good, put in ventilated dry, general effect is obvious, a night.If the taste is strong, repeat several times!

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