How to choose the right purse for woman?


Wallets are generally divided into short and long styles. Long wallets give people an intellectual and elegant feeling, but they are a little short on portability. When you want to change into a small fashion handbags to go out, the size of long wallets will become a problem, while the size of short wallets is smaller, although not as feminine as long wallets, but it is better in a concise and neat style.

Short and long wallets are generally divided into two and three discount. Generally speaking, short horizontal version of the two-fold wallet is more suitable for men to use, women choose a short wallet, it is recommended to choose the best three-fold.Although the wallet of 3 fold can increase certain ply, but from practical point of view, 3 fold wallet can compare 2 fold wallet more 4-6 card, to credit card, bank card is much prodigal women for, the wallet of card much is the choice that again good did not pass really.

1. Wallet style

Ladies' purses are generally divided into long and short styles. Generally speaking, the feeling that long money gives a person is grace, have grade, short money can give a person a kind of ably, massiness feeling. When purse of choose and buy, should not be confined merely at lady purse what brand is good, should notice the style of purse -- contracted, easy, elegant, practical, can say to had these a few advantages ability to be a pretty good purse only.

2. Accord with the identity 

When asked what brand is best for a lady's purse, you might immediately say hermes or LV.But you should be careful when choosing a wallet.The logo should not be too big or too small.If the ordinary office workers take a special high class new LV wallet, although very gorgeous, but do not meet the status, so it is easy to be mistaken for a copy, or may cause their own mood is not great.

3. Material of wallet

Now there are a lot of brand wallets, although the style is novel, unique design, but the use of may not be good material. We know that wallets open and close a lot compared to pu leather handbags and wear out easily. If the choice of inferior brand wallet, then after a period of use will appear stretched line, fracture phenomenon. So it's important to consider what brand a lady's purse is made of when buying a purse, but it's better to spend a little more money than to buy a nice leather purse.

4. The color of the wallet

There are many different kinds of wallets made by different brands, but which colors are more auspicious according to feng shui? Have you thought about it? Have you ever used the most expensive red purse? I'm afraid you won't have to limit your choice of purse to the brand of a lady's purse. There are actually a number of important factors to consider.And pink, pink, mei is red, flaxen is the color of most appropriate female flourishing wealth; Gules, blue, white is the color that disperses money easily, had better not choose.

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