Some Suggestions for Cross body bags


Fashion handbags also can become the invisible killer that endangers the person's body health? This is not an exaggeration, there are some small details, if you do not pay attention to the bag when you choose, can become a potential impact on your health, so what are these details?

1. Weight of bag

Many women carry purses, cell phones, lipsticks and other essentials, along with documents, work shoes, umbrellas and books.There are plenty of women around who like to carry large bags, but there are also many health risks associated with carrying too much weight in a single pu shoulder bag.

Backpack is too large, too heavy will increase the burden on the shoulders, easy to slip, people have to consciously lift the shoulder load to maintain balance. Especially most women like to carry a single shoulder bag, and long-term single shoulder weight, will lead to uneven back muscle stress, easy to cause spinal and lumbar strain.The lady that likes to carry bag of big one shoulder on the back so often feels ache of neck shoulder and lumbar carry, have more very person body is out of shape, appear embarrassed "high and low shoulder".

If you opt for a backpack with large shoulders, the health risks are less obvious.Because the weight of the two shoulders is balanced, it is not necessary to elevate one shoulder to maintain balance, and there is no problem with the shoulder bag mentioned above.In addition, the backside is loaded, can make the person thorax opens greatly, also be "hold one's head high chest", this kind of pose is a kind of protection to rachis. So women are advised to use a backpack, a little heavy also just as well.

Women need to "lighten the load" if they must use a shoulder bag.Go out, the thing that takes is more abridged had better, do not feel with the shoulder drop pressing advisable.Still a few girls now, for beautiful, like to hang a lot of small adorn article on satchel, some are metallic quality of a material, also increased the weight of satchel undoubtedly, so, proposal still hangs a few light weight plush toy or flat what do not want.

In addition, there is a better way, if the canvas tote bag is relatively heavy, may wish to choose to use the hand to carry, and often change hands.Single hand weight for too long, the forearm vibration in the nerve and blood vessels have been under pressure, resulting in the forearm blood supply is not free, the arm will be numb pain. Although the arm will ache, but as long as the timely change of hand, discomfort will disappear.

In particular, some bags have straps that are too thin and hard, such as a metal chain, which can cause trapezius damage. For single-shoulder bags in particular, look for straps that are wide and soft to minimize pressure on the shoulder.

2. Breathability of women's bags

Do not look at this small air permeability, usually do not pay attention to but really affect health oh.A lot of MM in summer like choose transparent PVC bags, PVC transparent bags is fashion, but the PVC average permeability is very poor, often for like the one shoulder bag under his arm of the MM, can want to pay attention to, it's hot in summer, it is easy to cause the underarm sweating too much, and the permeability of PVC is bad, so it is easy to cause the body appear red rash, so choosing a bag in the summer, breathability should also be considered.

3. Metal chain for women's bags

One might ask, are metal chains also a health hazard?In general, the metal chain will not do too much harm to the human body, but some MM may be allergic to metal at ordinary times, especially in the summer, sweat more easily to metal allergy.So for the usual skin sensitive MM, usually carry a chain bag out, try not to let the metal chain and their bare skin direct contact for a long time, especially when sweating, otherwise it is very easy to cause skin allergy oh.

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