The history of women handbags


 Interestingly, the rise of women's handbags is closely related to the evolution of clothing.Here's a look at the history of women's handbags:

  Since the end of the 18th century, when frilly dresses with straps gave way to slim-fitting clothes, women have been looking for bags to carry their personal belongings.The first fishnet pouch took advantage of the situation. This kind of pouch with a long rope on the bundle was easy to hold and became a real "bag decoration".

  For hundreds of years, the trend of fashion accessories is just like fashion, changing with each passing day.And its status gradually rose to become an indispensable part of women's dressing, such as the pu leather bag.Based on different fashion culture, different times, different occasions, the woman's bag has evolved a variety of forms.

  The rise of cigarettes in the 20th century made the small cigarette case an ornament for ladies to attend the social places, and the small box style package was put on the market in large quantities.

  In 1929, Hollywood star hot make the cosmetic bag that deposit pink bottom, lipstick is popular, all sorts of cosmetic bag, be like conch, football, door lock, vase and birdcage shape bag are acted the role of, emerge one by one.But during world war ii, when supplies were scarce and bags were suddenly a luxury, women's bags were made of rough canvas, leading designers to design a series of canvas shopping tote bags and bicycle bags.

  In the 1930s, the space for Hollywood movies developed, and they had a huge impact on the popularity of fashion.The package is acted the role of had streamline exterior and good ark wearing, guileless material is qualitative, of primitive simplicity and elegance.

  In the smokey '40s, bags were the most practical, and utilitarian trends were influenced by military designs.Although the war years that smoke and smoke flies everywhere brings great anguish to people, but it makes bag adorn however civilian change and simplification, advanced a pace greatly.

  After the war ended and the economy gradually recovered in the 1950s, due to the imprisonment of the war years, people's desire for sex and competition after the war ended, and women's clothing quickly turned to sexy and charming.And bag act the role ofing is to cooperate dress, also go toward sex appeal and enchanting without exception.In this period, rock music and pop music was not only a revolution in the form of music, but also a new language across regions and cultures accepted by the majority of teenagers.

  After the war, there were several famous brands in the bag industry: a gold chain strap bag design of CocoChanel became a symbol of taste.Louis vuitton's bucket Noe, used to carry champagne, has been praised.HightBag of Hermes, after be used by royal concubine GraceKelly, social status rises 10 times, instant reputation is big a noise.Gucci also naturally joined the battle wai, launched a bamboo handle bag and water drop bag.

  In the middle of the 20th century, women wore designer handbags as a symbol of status and power.After the middle ages, people's lives were filled with computers.With the rise of laptop computers, wide messenger bags and camera bags have become the favorite of young people.Later period, the world that wrap ACTS the role of becomes more prosaic much collect, have contracted creed prevail, have Chinese embroider heat, have the application of animal furs more, for example snakeskin, leopard skin, crocodile skin, right now bag of Korea saint xi mei is acted the role of at this moment get great development, get fashionable the enthusiastic support of bound personage.

  Full of youthful vitality of the miniskirt and trouser style of revolution, also with the popular rock music and birth.Miniskirt also is calling the appearance of new-style bag to act the role of, then all sorts of small, those who have long shoulder belt, style is concise satchel hangs young person shoulder, make way person very not envy.In the 1970s and 1980s, with the rapid development of economy, in a sense, package decoration has become the symbol of cultural status and status.New materials and designs are being introduced, breaking with the traditional idea of investing in a good bag.

  And as the concept of neo-romanticism and classical revival appeared in popular clothing in the late 1970s, some bags with narrow straps, fishing bags and other bags with fresh rural flavor appeared on people's shoulders, which also reflected in the surging tide of the economy, people's desire to escape the urban congestion and arrogance.

  In the 90's this fashion is young people's monopoly of the ground avant-garde seems to become a synonym for fashion, high after the top of the list of design is no exception to those who are good at playing tricks with the avant-garde master.

 And "today is fashionable tomorrow becomes again yesterday" the tide is fluctuant, must make a person happen "this world changes fast" feeling is almost.Without exception, bag decoration is affected by the fast changing trend and presents a changeable appearance.

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