The tips to picking a good handbag: hardware and zipper


The hardware that pack is divided commonly by material qualitative "iron line" with "alloy" two kinds, how to differentiate then?With a magnet on the line, can be tight is the wire, not tight is the alloy.

"Alloy" the hardware that pledges pledges from craft effect looks than "iron line" hardware wants to appear elegant, "iron line" hardware appears rougher.Alloy is more expensive than wire.

One, how to identify good hardware?

1, general low grade some bags have iron, high grade handbag is generally steel, surface plating is not the same, plating good to expensive, bag hardware ring solid and hollow seam and seamless have a big gap, the hardware on the bag if it is the brand of the bag engraved with trademarks of the kind of cost will be higher.

2, so look at the quality of their own bags, metal is a key part, with the hand to touch up smooth, weigh up texture, fine work belongs to the class.

Two, from whether "seal oil" in identify good hardware

Sometimes "blood goes all out" bought a bag, still did not use how long hardware rusted, surface skin begins to fall off, this is hardware is made when do not have "seal oil" reason, the hardware that does not seal oil is very easy oxidation and rust, "seal oil" the hardware surface material after not easy with air oxidation.What kind of hardware is already sealed?Very simple, just two points:

1, smell with the nose, a little bit of such gas oil taste;

2. Touch it with your hands and feel slightly greasy.Seal the hardware of oil is more expensive than what did not seal oil, what general low grade package USES is "iron line" do not have again "seal oil" hardware!

How to pick out a good pu leather bag? In fact, in addition to the fabric and feel, insiders often from some details, see a bag's real work.From these details, we can clearly know how a bag is really made:

The zipper on the bag is composed of three parts, zipper, puller and TAB.The two sides of the zipper are usually made of nylon, and the "zipper teeth" in the middle are mainly divided into "rubber teeth" and "metal teeth".How to tell a zipper is good or bad?We can identify the following four points:

1. Check whether the "zipper tooth" falls off (minor points);

2. Pull the puller several times to see whether the puller and the zipper are connected smoothly;

3. After tightening the zipper, bend a part of the zipper to increase the strength. While bending, check whether there are any cracks (zipper teeth).

4, look at the bridge gap between pull card and pull head, if the gap is large, pull card will be easy to break with pull head!Because the pull is manually fixed to the pull head.

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