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In this article, as one of 2020 popular inflatable toys factories, Powerful toys co., ltd. is going to walk you through inflatables in details. More info, stay tuned.

Inflatable toy refers to a toy that takes advantage of the tension made by film material and the pressure difference between inside and outside of the film to form a shape.

After deflating the volume is small, easy to carry the collection from the material, divided into PE film inflatable toys, PVC film inflatable toys, TPU, EVA environmental materials inflatable products, mesh cloth and Oxford cloth inflatable toys, rubber gluing inflatable products, coated inflatable animals.

In terms of functions, there are large advertising inflatables, large inflatable toys, leisure furniture series, small cartoon children's toys, promotional inflatable gifts, small advertising simulation air models, life-saving appliances, water recreation toys, inflatable pools, transparent water rollers.

Large inflatable toys: these toys are large in size, mainly in the entrance of large supermarkets, parks or malls, such as naughty castle, amusement city, bouncy castle, inflatable jump bed, inflatable rock climbing, inflatable slide, inflatable arch, large inflatable advertising model.

Pneumatic cartoon toys: the appearance of these inflatable toys is the cartoon image, product appearance, appearance image, is a good children's toys, advertising model.

Small inflatable toys: these inflatable toys are small in size, diverse in appearance, colorful and interesting. They are popular with children, such as inflatable animals, swimming rings and inflatable dolls.

Leisure inflatable home: choose high-strength environment-friendly PVC material, inflatable mattress, inflatable sofa, outdoor portable inflatable bed, indoor inflatable pool, etc

Water inflatable toys: This kind of inflatable toys are mainly suitable for water, such as rolling ball, yo-yo ball, swimming ring, inflatable boat, water walking ball, transparent water roller, leisurely ball, etc., which are the best water inflatable toys for leisure and entertainment in summer.

Water toys are soft, flexible and safe. Large inflatable toys are novel, exciting and interesting. Small inflatable toys are the most interesting choice for children.

Due to the development of social economy, inflatable toys also want to keep pace with times, so inflatable toys grandly launched new inflatable product.

It is the various characteristics of inflatable toys that make more people accept and cannot live without them;

In addition, the development of large outdoor toys drives the development of large inflatable toys to some extent in recent years.

In addition, with the rapid development of inflatable toy outer material membrane technology and the wide application of PVC materials, inflatable toys are also effectively promoting the development of the toy industry. Therefore, in recent years, inflatable toys have maintained a good development rate.

In addition to making inflatable toys, the concept of inflatable toys can also be used for outdoor sports products, travel products, such as inflatable sofa, inflatable pillow, inflatable bed, inflatable mattress and so on.

The inflatable sofa of cartoon model, popular by children quite.

Inflatable bed is not only suitable for home life, in the go out to play, at home to guests temporarily open bed, office overtime, often to move workers, student dormitories, sauna, shops can be used, for everyone to bring very big convenience.

Inflatable bed uses the characteristic that air is all-pervasive, when sleeping, make human body and berth 100 % are identical, each part of human body gets force equably, overcame the blood circulation obstacle that traditional berth brings because of getting force unequally, in abroad air bed is also known as healthy bed.

Air - filled beds are much more convenient.

At ordinary times agile collect spare, inflatable is a high-grade bed, guest bed, temporarily open a bed, want to open, do not open put off gas to plug drawer.

Children's fitness sports toy, 2-13 years old babies can ride, with safety and health novelty and other characteristics, is the best baby fitness, games supplies.

It is cute, fashionable, colorful jump, easy to carry, not tired of playing, is the baby's latest playmate.

Inflatable toys made of high quality PVC material, can withstand 130kg of pressure, adults can also be a stool, with anti-explosion, even if the rupture will not burst, will only slowly leak, excellent safety.

As long as the gas into a fat chubby lovely fat horse, do not play when the gas can be easily put away, and very easy to clean, thick material, durable wear resistant, not easy to damage, it may be your home toys in the longest life of oh!

In the process of jumping deer riding and sitting, the baby will timely adjust its body posture, maintain the balance of the center of gravity, which can enhance the activity ability of the muscles of the whole body, improve the function coordination of the hands, eyes and legs, so that the baby can get a comprehensive exercise by grasping, holding, jumping and other game movements!

Set games, fitness in one of the jumping deer, will accompany your baby through a happy childhood!

For the healthy growth of the baby, it is recommended to wash the product with detergent before giving baby to play.

Tips for inflatable toys use

1. Remove white cock before filling, and make sure cock is inserted correctly and completely after filling. Do not remove cock when using.

2. Adults should take care of children when they ride inflatable animals.

3. At certain time, children jumping animals inflatable toys will expand slowly shrink.

Be sure to reinflate and reach saturation before continuing to play.

4. Make sure there are no sharp objects or objects around or on the floor before playing.

5. Children jumping horse fitness toy is suitable for a child to play. It is dangerous for two children to play together, so playing together is not recommended.

6. When riding a child jumping horse inflatable toy, two small hands to grasp its two ears, standing on the toy or not to grasp the ears is very dangerous, we also do not advocate.

7. Avoid playing on uneven ground. Do not play near fires or electric heaters.

8. Don't use children's bouncing inflatable toys as tool. They are just for play.

Inflatable toys upkeep

1. Before toy deflation, clean inflatable toy surface with a semi-dry towel; after drying, deflate, fold and store it in a cool and clean place for safekeeping;

2. If inflatable toy is not properly kept in water and cannot be drained, put it in a dry and ventilated place and blow it until the water is steamed and dried. No water should be stored;

3. Inflatable toys should be stored for a long time, and should be regularly checked for dampness. Inflatable toys should be blown up in a ventilated place and wiped clean.

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