Common sense of maintenance of two-wheeled electric tricycle


It is a basic introduction form Mainbon electric tricycle manufacturer ,which is about the three-wheeled electric tricycle maintenance common sense. three-wheeled electric tricycle maintenance includes checking whether all screws and nuts of the whole vehicle are firm, whether the control performance is good, whether the tire needs to be replaced, whether the mechanical system is in good condition, whether the battery capacity is up to standard, and the brush motor is repaired annually once.

The specific maintenance contents are as follows:

(1) Fully debug the whole vehicle, check whether there are hidden troubles in the electrical control circuit, and eliminate it on the spot if any;

(2) Adjust the front and rear brakes to ensure that the brakes are flexible and reliable;

(3) Whether the steering of the handlebar is reliable, whether there is a phenomenon of mutual sliding between the handlebar and the front fork; 

(4) Whether the battery socket is loose, whether the battery box lock is working, whether the horn, headlight switch, and buttons are flexible and reliable;

(5) Whether the battery box shakes;

(6) Adjust the front and rear rims for users, and fully inflate the tires;

(7) Carry out key inspections on front and rear axles, middle axles, and front forks

(8) Whether the flywheel is flexible, and apply the oil properly

(9) Tighten all bolts of the whole vehicle once, and apply anti-rust liquid appropriately

(10) To teach users the daily use and maintenance experience

(11) The whole vehicle is cleaned and tested clean.

What must be done in the maintenance of three-wheeled electric tricycles is not only related to the performance of our vehicles, but more importantly, to ensure our driving safety. Then the electric tricycle that needs maintenance, come to Mainbon electric tricycle manufacturer, and we will serve you with professional technology.

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