Mouse pad manufacturer tell everyone about the classification of mouse pads


The mouse pad refers to a small pad under the mouse. It is mainly designed to prevent the surface reflection and refraction of special materials such as glass from affecting the positioning of the mouse's photoreceptor, and to provide a convenient plane for the mouse photoreceptor system to calculate the movement vector . According to the material, it is divided into soft pad and hard pad. Mouse pad products are mainly divided into six materials: traditional cloth surface, special cloth surface, synthetic resin material, glass material, metal material and coating. These six materials have their own characteristics, and the following will analyze and comment on them separately in combination with the above technical indicators.

It is well known that the cloth mouse pad is a relatively popular mouse pad product, and its application range is the most extensive and the cloth mouse pad is also the mainstream mouse pad product on the market. Cloth pads are currently the most widely used mouse pads, mainly divided into traditional cloth pads and coated cloth pads. Ordinary cloth mouse pads are mostly made of very fine cloth attached to a piece of rubber, and the back is made of herringbone natural rubber to play the role of non-slip. Because the company's product pictures and contact information can be printed by sublimation transfer, it has reached the widely advertised effect. Silica gel: The silicone mouse pad is made of organic silicon material through a physical process. First of all, it has everything of organic silicon material. characteristic. Silicone has the properties of inorganic materials and organic materials. It has the basic properties of low surface tension, low viscosity-temperature coefficient, high compressibility, and high gas permeability. It also has high and low temperature resistance, electrical insulation, oxidation stability, weather resistance, and It has excellent characteristics such as inflammability, water repellency, corrosion resistance, non-toxic and tasteless, and physiological inertness. Due to the characteristics of organic silicon material structure, it has a certain ability to absorb radiation.

Silicone mouse pads are easier to clean and have a longer service life. Silicone mouse pad is a mouse pad product specially developed for optical mouse. Plastic: Plastic mouse pads are the first choice for gamers when choosing gaming peripherals, because mouse pads that are too slippery or too astringent are not very beneficial for precise operations in a small area, so rapid movement and precise braking are also often Become the opposite side of performance. At this time, plastic mouse pad products are a good compromise. The plastic mouse pad product has excellent smoothness performance, is also very stable in handling, and has a relatively high accuracy in positioning.

The plastic mouse pad can be cleaned directly with water after it is dirty, which is very convenient. The biggest disadvantage of the plastic mouse pad is that it is not abrasion resistant, especially those players who use low mouse speed to move the mouse drastically in the game have a deep understanding of this.

The glass and metal mouse pads can be said to be the earliest high-end gaming mouse pads. The mouse pads of the two materials feel very similar. One common feature is that it is very smooth. Due to the problem of the material itself, glass and metal mouse pads have almost disappeared in the market, but there are still some domestic manufacturers that have introduced metal mouse pad products. Glass and metal mouse pads are very similar in terms of feel, and they have a common feature that is very delicate. Most players know that glass and metal mouse pads are not suitable for players with heavy hands and sweat because of the material itself, because once sweat is left on the surface of the mouse pad, it will easily cause the mouse to drop frames. It is worth mentioning that the use of thicker foot stickers for the mouse on the glass and metal mouse pad will also cause the mouse to drop frames. In addition, glass and metal mouse pads are excellent in terms of wear resistance. In contrast, the wear resistance of glass mouse pads is greater than that of metal mouse pads. The disadvantage of glass and metal mouse pads is that they are inconvenient to carry, and the price of these two mouse pads is relatively high, and most of them are bought by gamers or peripheral enthusiasts.

There are many types of mouse pads, such as silicone mouse pad, EVA mouse pad, picture frame mouse pad, rubber mouse pad, glass mouse pad, wrist mouse pad, PP/PVC ultra-thin mouse pad, liquid oil mouse pad, optical mouse pad, leather mouse Generally speaking, they have the advantages of rich colors and low prices. In the application, there are advertising mouse pads, cartoon mouse pads, doll mouse pads, and photo mouse pads.

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