Precautions for electric scooters when traveling in rainy days


Electric scooters are very convenient to use, but sometimes it will be a little troublesome in rainy days, and there will be more things to pay attention to. Let's take a look at the problems with Mainbon electric scooter supplier that we should pay attention to when traveling in rainy days, and see how we can avoid malfunctions of electric scooters when traveling in rainy days.

First of all, we must avoid the electric scooter from being rained on. If it is accidentally dripped, the following failure will occur. From a safety point of view, batteries and controllers are key components. Due to improper use or heavy rain during riding, some car owners accidentally soak the electric scooters in stagnant water. After the rain, they do not pay attention to maintenance and continue to use. It is easy to reverse the motor and lose control of the electric scooters. The battery is soaked in water and dried before charging. Various brands of electric scooters have adopted many waterproof measures, such as controllers, batteries, motors, etc., and the waterproof performance is still good. Therefore, it does not matter if the electric scooter gets wet by rain, but this does not mean that the electric scooter can travel through the water at will.

Here is a special reminder to all car owners, do not charge the electric scooter battery immediately after it gets wet by rain, and be sure to dry the car in a ventilated place before charging. The controller is easy to short circuit out of control when it is immersed in water. Water in the controller of the electric scooter can easily cause the motor to reverse. After the electric scooter is seriously immersed, the owner can remove the controller to wipe off the accumulated water inside, dry it with a hair dryer and install it. Note that it is best to wrap the controller with plastic after installation to increase the waterproof capacity.

Furthermore, cycling in rainy days is prone to short-circuit phenomenon. We try not to touch too much water as much as possible. In case of heavy rain, you can find a place to hide first, and then continue riding when the rain is settled or small. At the same time, it can also ensure that the owner will not be caught. Rain, avoiding the risk of catching a cold. For more information about electric scooters, please continue to pay attention to the official website of electric scooter supplier. Thank you.

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