Tips to prolong the life of electric bicycles


Customers who use electric bicycles know that the capacity of electric bicycle batteries will gradually become smaller during use, and the distance that can be traveled after fully charged will also be shortened. Proper use and maintenance of the battery can increase the service life of the battery. Mainbon two-wheel electric bike manufacturers summarized the matters that should be paid attention to during the use of electric bicycle batteries for electric bicycle users.

First of all, do not store the battery under power loss, that is to say, the battery should be charged in time after the battery is used up to reduce the internal water loss of the battery and avoid silicating.

Secondly, the performance and quality of the battery itself will also affect the service life of the battery, so when the user feels that the battery capacity is significantly reduced, he should go to the service department for maintenance in time.

Third, the efficiency of the motor is also an important factor that affects the life of the battery. Ask professionals to check the wear of the motor in time. Regular replacement of worn parts or replacement of lubricants can also increase the life of the battery.

Of course, the user can also extend the service life of the battery by giving pedal assistance when starting the electric bicycle and going uphill.

The above is the method that two-wheel electric bicycle manufacturers summarize for the majority of electric bicycle users to extend the service life of electric bicycle batteries, hoping this news of Mainbon electric bike manufacturers can help you.

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